4 AI Applications Employed by the IT Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the IT industry is increasingly determining the future for organizations as they face ever-growing risks and threats. AI has evolved traditional computing methods as well as penetrated many industries, changing everything about how they operate and grow. As digitization proliferates and all industries exponentially increase their intelligence and capabilities, IT companies must keep current with new process complexity and innovation. 

To keep pace, computers can assist organizations by analyzing large amounts of data and recognizing insightful patterns. Let’s take a look at four AI applications that are making businesses more adaptive and nimble.

Machine Learning 

Learning is at the heart of intelligence. A subset of AI, Machine Learning (ML) focuses on a computer program that uses algorithms to parse data. This type of program is capable of modifying itself without human intervention to provide output based on analyzed data. Simply put, ML involves analyzing large amounts of data and learning to perform tasks based upon the findings.

Deep Learning 

Deep Learning (DL), a subset of ML, uses algorithms that are similar to ML. However, the capabilities differ – DL involves a computer system that is trained to use sounds, texts, or images to perform classification tasks. It uses large amounts of labeled data and neural network architectures for this effort.

Computer Vision 

As you can probably surmise, computer vision allows computers to “see” and understand. Using this application, AI can glean insights from digital images, videos, and other similar content. AI uses this information to make recommendations or take action on requested tasks.

Natural Language Processing 

While AI enables computers to “think,” and computer vision allows them to “see,” Natural Language Processing (NLP) gives AI the capabilities to understand and manipulate natural language as people do, or “speak” to users. This capability allows computers to read text or interpret spoken words with the same fluidity as humans. NLP uses Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation, which power chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants to interact with users. Using sentiment analysis, NLP is a useful tool in IT as well. 

Organizations are becoming more efficient and intelligent, thanks to the innovation AI provides. The IT industry is benefitting from AI capabilities like Machine Learning and Deep Learning to save time and money, as well as make decision-making smarter. From what insights could your organization benefit? Explore the ways our team enhances organization performance here.


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