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5 Ways Managed IT Services Can Boost Your Business

Organizations are busier than ever with expanding options presented by evolving technology and savvier customers who demand the most cutting-edge solutions. Even if your business is on the smaller side, a managed IT service provider can boost efficiency by providing a number of options to keep your technology running smoothly. 

Having trusted professionals oversee and proactively manage some of your IT functions frees up in-house staff to work on core business functions. Partnering with an MSP also ensures you are up-to-date on the latest technology trends and helps you leverage the deep experience offered by many providers. 

If you’re searching for an experienced and knowledgeable MSP to provide critical IT support functions to your organization, the first step is to determine which service options are available to you. Below, we discuss some of the services most often requested by companies looking to enhance their IT operations.     

1. Tech Support

As the quintessential service most associated with MSPs, traditional tech support services support companies by troubleshooting IT issues such as software glitches, user errors, mechanical breakdowns, etc., and correcting the issue. MSPs providing tech support work either remotely or onsite. When a hardware issue arises, a specialist will visit your office to fix problems and train employees on opportunities to improve operations. Remote support is given via phone or online and is well-suited for solving software issues and providing access to real-time status of any ongoing service requests.

2. Network/Server Monitoring

IT network managers can monitor the general health of your network with tools that signal damaged components or require intervention to prevent failure. An IT MSP support team provides you with qualified staff on call who can respond to network events 24/7, including issues that affect your servers, workstations, cloud services, and all connected devices. The sooner a knowledgeable IT specialist is aware of a potential issue, the less downtime and lost productivity is likely to occur. 

3. Asset Management

IT asset management involves managing your business’s hardware and software updates. This service helps your staff to be more productive and your budget to be more predictable. Providers perform inventory on your existing assets, create a schedule for replacing or upgrading hardware and software, and prepare for upgrades so your team can stay productive during the procurement and installation process.

4. Vendor Management

IT MSPs assist small businesses by helping them choose from subcontractors to find the right mix that service the firm’s needs within budget. For example, they can contact providers such as software vendors, internet and phone services, and firewall companies on your behalf. They can help you sift through numerous cloud options, for example, and provide an informed recommendation. If trouble should arise, they can manage disputes between vendors. And, they can conduct regular cost assessments to be sure you’re always getting the best value.   

5. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

To get your operation running again quickly after a data breach, you need a provider that offers effective planning, on-site and cloud backup solutions, and a post-event response that your team can follow. IT MSPs can keep you up-and-running by assessing your current backup system, configuring your IT infrastructure, performing backup testing and monitoring, creating a detailed disaster recovery plan, and backing up your hardware. Having these services in place can give you an advantage should a disaster occur.

These five services are just a sampling of what an IT support provider can offer. Give us a call (703-880-8817) to discuss how these and other services can enhance your technology operations. Together, we’ll develop a custom mix of the best services for your organization.


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