6 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Adopt

With so many resources available to educate IT managers and their employees on cybersecurity, how do you cut through the clutter and implement the practices you absolutely must have to keep your data safe? Regardless of where you are in the quest for total IT security, the following best practices will ensure your plan is robust and all-inclusive. Use them to bolster your current efforts or to serve as a helpful roadmap if you are initiating or revamping your cybersecurity program.

1. Provide regular training

All team members need to have basic cybersecurity awareness training. They should be ready to identify suspicious emails, fraud, malware, phishing, and other common threats. A well-trained staff can determine how strong or weak your cybersecurity program is.

2. Use vendor supported products

Utilize technology products that you can trust, which means those that are supported by your vendors. When products are no longer supported by vendors, they present vulnerabilities that may not be manageable and could lead to a security incident.

3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Whenever there is a sensitive data asset involved, you must use a multi-factor authentication login. Along those same lines, make sure you and your team are using strong and complex passwords for every login.

4. Utilize endpoint protection

Any device that is used to conduct company business should have endpoint protection on it. Whether it is a company device or an employee’s personal phone, laptop, or tablet, be sure it has this basic protection.

5. Update devices regularly

Don’t ignore update notifications — be sure all devices are kept up to date. This is especially important for security and other critical patches. Cybercriminals often use malware to target known unpatched vulnerabilities. 

6. Stay on top of your strategy

The best cybersecurity solution for your organization will vary based upon your needs, which naturally shift as your company grows and evolves. Regular planning and re-evaluation is critical to keeping your security plan successful.

Good cyber-hygiene can keep your data assets secure and ensure that your organization continues to grow. The Key Concepts Knowledgebase team is ready to have a conversation with you about security and risk management. Reach out today to get started on putting these cybersecurity best practices into action.


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