3 Digital Transformation Trends CIOs Should Follow

CIOs across all industries face multiple threats today in the form of inflation effects, a potential recession, and the emergence of generative AI technologies. 

In the face of these threats, leaders should introduce initiatives that produce cost savings, reduce risk, and create efficiencies to leverage the benefits of digital transformation. Let us look at three trends CIOs should focus on to achieve these goals and keep customers and employees satisfied and productive.

1. Prepare for the metaverse and sustainable infrastructure

Forward-thinking CIOs will focus on a couple of important emerging technology areas. The first is the metaverse, and developing metaverse experiences is a smart objective for early adopter experimentation. While the technology and its scalability are ongoing, successful companies can focus on learning about its capabilities and determining where it can be leveraged in their industry.

CIOs should also address governance, environmental, and social issues that are making an impact on service offerings and business objectives. Sustainability goals are a priority for most companies, so IT departments can focus here when planning digital transformation projects. For example, companies can transition off major power-consuming data center infrastructure, install visual power management systems, and automate cloud resource shutdowns when they are not in use. 

2. Leverage MLOps and ModelOps to produce more AI and machine learning technologies

MLOps and ModelOps are getting more attention as AI automation and GenAI applications proliferate. DevOps for machine learning (MLOps), which simplifies model development and deployment, and ModelOps, which generates model cataloging and production modeling, can help companies address weaknesses in the processes of bringing models to production. Investing in these objectives can reduce the complexities of delivering machine learning models and create time- and cost-effectiveness. 

3. Improve the employee experience 

With trends such as the growth of remote and hybrid work, the employee experience has changed and should be improved to address new challenges and concerns that have arisen. CIOs can use employee surveys to gauge satisfaction about the technologies used in their jobs as well as adopt digital experience monitoring solutions to evaluate network performance. 

IT leaders wishing to stay ahead of the curve should also develop a vision for future work by using technology, such as automation, to streamline operations and increase product and service offerings. In addition, upgrading collaboration tools, content management systems, and AI search technologies can improve knowledge sharing and manage internal knowledge risks.

Staying on top of trends is an important part of any successful leader’s role, and the rapidly changing IT environment makes this task especially crucial for CIOs. Above are just a few of the digital transformation trends of which IT managers should be aware to set their organizations up for continued success. To stay abreast of emerging trends and to leverage the tools that can address them, partner with trusted, knowledgeable IT advisors. The Key Concepts Knowledgebase team can oversee the people, processes, and technologies within a company’s IT organization to ensure they deliver outcomes that support the goals of the business.


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