Building an Effective Landing Page for Your Mobile and Web 2.0 Solutions

Think about all the work that goes into driving traffic to your website.  From Web 2.0 strategies to mobile interactions, a huge part of your efforts involve generating website traffic to drive your company’s products and services.  But if you send traffic to your home page, basically you are throwing leads away.  A much more […]


Should You Replace or Maintain Your Legacy System?

As CIO, eventually you will face the decision of whether to replace or maintain your legacy system. Outdated hardware, rising security threats, and digital transformation goals might propel you toward a replacement. On the other hand, proven reliability and ROI issues may make maintaining your current system the better option. Not wanting to stifle innovation […]


3 Cybersecurity Roles Every CIO Should Manage

As Chief Information Officer (CIO), you are tasked with keeping the company’s data and digital assets protected against cybercrimes including ensuring compliance with agency-wide information security programs. These goals are implemented by your cybersecurity team, through tasks such as installing firewalls, keeping software up to date, backing up data, and ensuring endpoint protection. It is […]


Why Email Security Should Be a Hallmark of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Consider the volume of email that flows into and out of your organization each day. From vendors and clients to internal messages amongst employees, email is still a robust communication tool for conducting business. Unfortunately, email is also a common inroad for cyberattacks. Cybercriminals can penetrate the IT architecture of your company more easily than […]