4 AI Applications Employed by the IT Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the IT industry is increasingly determining the future for organizations as they face ever-growing risks and threats. AI has evolved traditional computing methods as well as penetrated many industries, changing everything about how they operate and grow. As digitization proliferates and all industries exponentially increase their intelligence and capabilities, IT companies […]

Managed Services Provider

Your Guide to Managed Service Providers: What to Know Before Hiring a Pro

When organizations seek a managed service provider (MSP) to meet their business objectives, it is often intended to fill in a gap or role in an IT system or staff. Many smaller companies are working with limited in-house IT capabilities, so they rely on outside expertise to expand their product and service offerings. This quick […]


How to Bring Together Email, Facebook and LinkedIn in a Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign

These days, social and collaborative Web 2.0 applications are on most companies’ must-have lists. Building tools that allow your customers and clients to participate in the process of learning about your offerings, and to share their experiences in using your products and services, is an expectation, not a nice-to-have. Partnering with an experienced IT service provider that […]


3 Digital Transformation Trends CIOs Should Follow

CIOs across all industries face multiple threats today in the form of inflation effects, a potential recession, and the emergence of generative AI technologies.  In the face of these threats, leaders should introduce initiatives that produce cost savings, reduce risk, and create efficiencies to leverage the benefits of digital transformation. Let us look at three […]